Energy 101

The cost of energy services is one of the biggest line items on the corporate budget, yet many companies do not know how to take advantage of deregulated markets to reduce this cost, or roll back consumption to save even more.

Looking for an energy solution?

The most effective way to reign in runaway energy costs is to pursue a management program with a business partner that has applied its expertise to assisting a broad range of clients.


As a licensed broker, NetGain Energy Advisors navigates the complex offerings of leading suppliers to assist commercial, industrial, and public organizations in deregulated environments meet their energy needs.

Drawing on the latest market research, daily pricing, knowledge of supplier contracts, industry partnerships and their customer service capabilities, NetGain provides clients with recommendations on...

Electricity and Natural Gas Supply Side Services

Peak Load Curtailment - Demand Response

Market Based Rates

NetGain Energy Advisors represents your business, not the supplier. We help you select the best energy source and backup power solution by...

Evaluating your consumption, pricing, and supply contracts

Assessing your financial policies and risk tolerance

Analyzing various supplier options

Recommending services that meet your needs

Negotiating a competitive electricity supply contract with the selected provider

Managing your solution against changing energy markets

Regulatory iMap

View our interactive map (iMap)to see where NetGain and our partners are licensed, plus a regional view of Electric and Natural Gas (non-residential) regulation on a state by state basis.

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