Energy 101

The cost of energy services is one of the biggest line items on the corporate budget, yet many companies do not know how to take advantage of deregulated markets to reduce this cost, or roll back consumption to save even more.

Looking for an energy solution?

The most effective way to reign in runaway energy costs is to pursue a management program with a business partner that has applied its expertise to assisting a broad range of clients.


NetGain offers a no-obligation consultation to review your backup power needs. With access to the best resources in the industry to include top manufacturers, consultants and industry trade associations we provide your organization with valued support and purchase recommendations. We offer a no-obligation consultation to review your energy profile and power backup needs. Our recommendations help you make informed decisions, saving you time and money, while meeting your organization’s needs for reliable emergency power.

Our value to clients is getting the job done, saving you from evaluating complex supplier offerings and varying technology platforms. Our team is always ready to help, making your experience with us a smooth one.

Fuel cells can be deployed as a power backup solution for virtually any environment. They are often fueled by either direct hydrogen or methanol and provide backup power for both short and extended durations. Fuel cells offer the following advantages (vs traditional battery or diesel generator solutions):

  • Cost – Savings can be significant over the lifetime of a backup fuel cell system when compared to the initial cost, maintenance, repairs, transport, and disposal of other technology platforms.

  • Environmental – All fuel cells, to include backup power systems are known for their characteristic reduction in green house gas emissions.

  • Flexibility – Backup fuel cell systems are fully capable of replacing or supplementing any application presently using batteries or combustion generators. They can provide power in remote locations and can be remotely monitored, providing total ease-of-use.

  • Footprint – The space requirements for backup fuel cells that offer the same period of runtime is much less than for equivalent battery banks.

  • Reliability – Backup fuel cell systems have no moving parts yielding very long life-time with very low maintenance. Systems properly configured can achieve up to 99.9999% reliability, a powerful feature when a critical situation arises, and your application(s) continue to perform. They can provide hundreds of hours of runtime between refueling.

  • Temperature tolerance – Fuel cells do not degrade at high temperatures and they operate over a wide temperature range.

Fuel Cell Applications

Fuel cells are being deployed in multiple backup power configurations to include applications for:

  • Backhaul Network Sites
  • CATV Repeater Sites
  • Data Centers
  • Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)
  • Digital Loop Carriers (Active Systems)
  • Emergency/911 Call Centers
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Internet Points of Presence (POPs)
  • Military Facilities
  • Network DVR Centers (nDVR)
  • Retail Store IT Rooms
  • Telecom Central Offices (COs)
  • Wireless Cell Towers

Contact NetGain for more information about the use of fuel cells as a backup power source. We are ready to assist you in determining the right solution for your environment. Through our partners, we provide access to the offerings of leading manufacturers and service providers to meet all your backup power needs.

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